Sunday, January 16, 2022



It's A Lifestyle!!!


Tight Ashes, Inc. is a Cigar Event Company. The Tight Ashes concept was conceived in  the summer of 2008, while founders Juan Carlos Campo and Eddy Consuegra were on  Lincoln Road, in Miami's South Beach, confronted with the never ending dilemma  of where to smoke their cigars.

Eddy Consuegra, aka "DJ Don Gato," a  longtime staple in Miami's underground, has consistently been bringing beats to South Florida, Spanning a career of over 20 years.   Collaborating with a slew of DJs, bands, artists, and promoters, Eddy has become  a versatile entertainer in his own reich. Transitionally blending old school to  pop genre style of Bass, Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and traditional Cuban Son,  he has been able to fit almost any musical niche.

Juan Carlos Campo, an avid promoter, with a  background in Consumer Psychology, has worked on the forefront of various cutting edge Gorilla marketing campaigns.
Being highly adept to both client needs and consumer wants, Juan Carlos has brought forth, time and time again, national and local talents to chic South Florida establishments. 

Both Cuban-American Miami natives, torn between a cultural identity of a Latino upbringing, and an emerging "against all  authority" Generation X ideology, had a vision to fuse the two, and appeal to  the lay smoker as well as the cigar aficionado. With Miami's illustrious allure  for sex appeal an idea of blending the best of both worlds sparked the Tight  Ashes escape.

Offering a variety of services, Tight Ashes  can be your turn key solution for all your event and entertainment needs. Tight  Ashes can provide, venues, bands, DJs, lighting, sound, cigars, cigar rollers,  models, dancers, apparel, food/drink sponsors, and social media advertising.  Cigar fishing, golfing, lodging, and tobacco farm tours are also available.